About Us

Metabolic and Immune Disease Research and Therapy Development

VeroScience is committed to developing novel, practical, and effective therapies for chronic debilitating human diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, autoimmune disease, and cancer through interdisciplinary basic research.

Our approach at achieving these goals focuses in large part upon readjusting aberrant central nervous system (CNS) modulation of neuroendocrine activities etiologic in or supportive of these disease states.

VeroScience researchers study biological clocks within the central nervous system in vertebrates and their organizational influence on neuroendocrine regulation of physiology to develop new treatment strategies for metabolic and immune disorders.

By investigating and mimicking nature’s means of regulating biochemical physiology for survival of vertebrates in the wild, VeroScience develops treatment strategies, not products per se, aimed at re-directing pathological biochemistry back towards its “normal” physiological organization.

VeroScience Main Office is located in Tiverton, RI