Anthony H. Cincotta, PhD

Dr. Cincotta is the founder of the company and is responsible for overseeing all research and development. He earned his PhD from […]

Bindu Chamarthi,

Dr. Chamarthi is a board-certified endocrinologist. She earned her medical degree from Karnatak Medical College (now Karnata Institute of Medical Sciences), India […]

Michael Ezrokhi, PhD

Dr. Ezrokhi earned his PhD from Brown University in molecular biology (1999). Dr. Ezrokhi primarily works in the field of Molecular Biology […]

Shuqin Luo, PhD, MD

Dr. Luo earned her PhD from the University of Toronto. Dr. Luo primarily works in the field of Neuroscience and oversees all […]

Yahong Zhang, PhD

Dr. Zhang earned her PhD degree in neuropharmacology from Loyola University Chicago, IL (2003); served sequentially as a research fellow at Memorial […]

Carl Richard Stoelzel, Ph.D.

Dr. Stoelzel received his Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the University of Connecticut (2007). His current work focuses on how circadian rhythms and […]

Emilie Duvallet, PhD

Dr. Duvallet earned her PhD in biology from University Paris 13 in France (2012). Dr. Duvallet then did a two year post-doctoral […]